Who we are

Olympus has been collaborating, for more than 15 years, with multinational companies of the wider health sector, offering customized solutions in the supply chain. Equipped with our experienced staff and modern infrastructure, we develop customized services across the range of industry needs.

In the context of continuous growth, Olympus has created, over the past five years, a production department, providing services of secondary packaging and promotional repackaging.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to design and deliver highly valued customized services to the pharmaceutical sector, forming an integral part of the life-saving chain.

Our vision is Olympus to become a strategic ally of the major health-care companies, presenting a wide range of services (one-stop-shop) and contributing decisively to providing human’s most important asset, health.

Modern Infrastructure

1500m2 building in N. Ionia, administration and warehouses.

Surface of 800m2 in Heraklion, warehouses and production.

500m2 building in Thessaloniki, offices and warehouses.

Owned fleet of 30 vehicles.